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Evgeny Ivanovich Uvarov



Academic degree: none
Academic title: none
Main place of work: Retired
Position: Retired

Evgeny Ivanovich Uvarov was born on September 4, 1938. In 1960 he graduated from the Moscow State Economic Institute, having received the qualification of "economist". From 1960 to 1968 he worked at the Podolsk cable plant "Podolskkabel". He worked his way up from economist to Chief Economist - Deputy Director for Economic Affairs. From 1968 to 1991, he worked in the USSR State Planning Committee, heading the cable industry and electrical insulation materials sub-department. In 1991-2002, he worked at the Ministry of Economy of Russia as Deputy Head of the Department of Economics of Mechanical Engineering. Since 2002, he has been working in the International Association "Electric Cable", which unites 70 of the largest cable factories in the post-Soviet space. Currently, he holds the position of analyst-Advisor to the CEO.

Uvarov E.I. is a leading specialist in the field of organization and economics of electrical and cable production, who has made a significant contribution to the development of electrical insulation and cable technology.

He personally and under his leadership developed and implemented at the Podolsk Cable plant the principles of economic calculation in the workshops and services of the plant. Working in the State Planning Committee of the USSR and the Ministry of Economy of Russia, he took an active part in the development of the production potential of enterprises for the production of cable products and electrical insulation materials, in the organization of the production of new types of products, equipping enterprises with modern technological equipment. Currently, he is developing analytical reviews and forecast estimates of the development of cable production. The information materials developed by him are widely used by enterprises in developing a development strategy, including the development and development of new types of products and the development of production capacities. Based on these materials, he regularly publishes reviews in the journal "Cables and Wires".

He has published 37 publications on various aspects of cable production. The editorial board of the journal conducts the section "Analysis and forecasts".

He has state awards. Full member of the Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences of the Russian Federation. For 4 years he headed the Council of the International Organization Interelectro.