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Analyses and Forecasts

B.Yu. Dorofeev, Cand. Sc. (Law), Associate Professor, Legal and Corporate Affairs Director of OOO “XKA”

Contact: dorofeev_b@holdcable.com 

Measures against counterfeit cable product circulation

The paper is devoted to the problem of preventing counterfeit cable and wire to be sold and used. Anti-counterfeiting solutions and problems are discussed.

Key words
Counterfeit cable product circulation; infringement of technical regulations.

Science and Technologies

V.V. Zubko, Cand. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Leading Researcher of JSC VNIIKP

Contact: vasily.zubko@gmail.com

Superconducting cables for accelerator fast-cycling magnets

Losses in current-carrying elements (cables) of fast-cycling superconducting (SC) magnets must be minimized to ensure the required temperature reserve in the windings of these magnets. The paper presents a method for the determination of the temperature reserve in fast-cycling SC accelerator magnets which is based on the numerical simulation of conjugate nonstationary electromagnetic and thermal processes in the developed SC magnet winding during the accelerating cycle. The temperature reserve calculation results are given for the dipole, quadrupole and corrective SC magnets developed in the Institute for High Energy Physics for the SIS300 accelerator. The requirements for cables designed for these SC magnets are based on the above mentioned calculations.

Key words
Fast-cycling superconducting magnets, superconducting cables, temperature reserve.

A.L. Zubilevich, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Professor; 
O.V. Kolesnikov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Senior Lecturer; 
S.A. Sidnev, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Associate Professor; 
V.A. Tsarenko, post-graduate student; 
Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics

Contact: zal51@rambler.ru  

Choice of optical cable installation method with the lightning-caused damage rate taken into account

The paper presents a comparative analysis of the fiber optic communication line performance efficiency for the following two installation technologies: direct burial of an armored optical cable and installation of a reduced-weight cable in a special protective polymer conduit. Net present value (NPV) for both cases is used as a comparison criterion. The lightning-caused cable line damage rate is taken into account.

Key words
Optical cable installation; lightning resistance; fiber optic communication lines; installation of a reduced-weight cable in a special protective polymer conduit.

Yu.A. Zelenetsky, Head of Science and Technical Centre of OAO “Zavod “Microprovod”; 
M.I. Zotkin. General Director of OAO “Rosskat”
Contact: zelenezky@mikroprovod.ru

Relevance and efficiency of the recycling technologies

The paper deals with the recycling technologies development. It is shown that waste products of human life and activities have formed a significant resource along with natural resources. Criteria are given for the assessment of the recycling technology efficiency. The volume of cable production waste and the efficiency of waste recycling for utilization in production are analyzed. A short analysis of the problems associated with the recycling technology development and use in cable production is presented.

Key words
Material resources; cable production; consumer wastes; waste recycling; waste utilization; copper rod; polymer waste.


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