Contens №3-2016

Analysis and Forecast  

 N.V. Sakharova, General Director of Electrocable Association

Analysis of foreign trade operations of the Russian Federation cable market

Contact: sakharovaN@elektrokabel.ru


The paper is devoted to the analysis of foreign trade operations of the Russian Federation cable market and discloses the problems associated with the import substitution of cable products. Import substitution has been effectively commenced (in 2015 the import of cable products to the RF decreased by 49, 6 %). An important task of expansion of domestic cable export was set.  

Key words

MElectrocable Association; import substitution; dynamics of cable market; dynamics of natural exponents; dynamics of cable product export and import; importers of various types of cable products; cable product range; shift in foreign trade balance.


K.B. Dolzhansky, Group Lead

V.L. Ovsienko, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Deputy Division Manager – Head of Laboratory;

M.Yu. Shuvalov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Division Director;

                JSC VNIIKP

Incoming control of medium and high voltage cables as an effective method of improving cable line reliability

Contact: vovsienko@vniikp.ru


The authors describe the experience in performing incoming control of medium and high voltage power cables in JSC VNIIKP on request of energy utilities. 

Key words

Power cables; insulation materials; quality control

A.A. Ovchinnikov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Head of FGUP “NIISU” Centre;

I.A. Ovchinnikova, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Manager of Telecommunication Cable and Wire Division;

P.A. Semenov, Engineer;


Study into the feasibility of optical cable application under the exposure to ionizing radiation

Contact: irovchinnikova@rambler.ru


The paper presents the results of the investigation of ionizing radiation pulse action on optical fibers of different types and from various manufacturers. The dependence of radiation- induced attenuation on the exposure dose of gamma rays is shown for different specimens of optical fibers and cables. The obtained results suggest the conclusion that standard optical fibers retain their operational capability after pulse action of ionizing radiation and optical cables with special fibers can be operated under long-term exposure to gamma radiation.

Key words

Optical cables, optical fibers, ionizing radiation, optical loss


V.N. Voloshin, Research Engineer;

K.A. Zvezdenkov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Head of Laboratory;


A.M. Bukanov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Professor;

M.V. Syaileva, post-graduate;

FGBOU VO “Moscow Technological University”

Influence of the vulcanizing group content on the properties of ethylene-propylene rubber based compounds for cable sheaths

Contact: rubber@vniikp.ru


The authors investigated the influence of the vulcanizing group content on the properties of ethylene-propylene rubber compounds. Technological and performance properties of compounds were studied. All the investigated rubber compounds can be used as cable sheathing materials according to their application with the cost of ingredients taken into account. It was established that rubbers with peroxide vulcanizing group with trimethylolpropane-trimethylacrylate co-agent had the highest resistance to thermal ageing. 

Key words

vulcanizing group; vulcanizing co-agents; ethylene-propylene rubber; rubber compounds for cable sheaths


D.V. Bleklov, post-graduate; MEI

M.A. Nikolaeva, post-graduate;


Some special aspects of the design calculation of silicon rubber molds for 110220 kV XLPE cable terminations and joints

Contact: blecklov@hotmail.com


The silicon rubber mold design procedure is given with regard to its non-linear properties.

Key words

joint; termination; cable accessories; contact pressure; silicon mold; Mooney potential; Lame problem; electric strength



G.I. Meshchanov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), General Director JSC VNIIKP

Concept of the standardization development in the cable industry over the period up to 2020

Contact: electrokabel@rosmail.ru


The readers of the journal are invited to consider the draft Concept of the standardization development in the cable industry over the period up to 2020. The draft was prepared by Technical Committee TC 46 “Cable products” and preliminarily approved by the decision of the General meeting of the Electrocable Association of 01.03.2016.

Key words

Standardization in the cable industry; Technical Committee TC 46 “Cable products”; Electrocable Association; “Concept of the Russian Federation national standardization system development over the period up to 2020”; law “On the standardization in the Russian Federation”; actual base of cable industry standards; fair product competitiveness; level of product safety; product quality


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