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   Science and technology 

K.K. Abramov , Cand. Tech. Sc., Leading researcher, JSC VNIIKP ; 
Contact: mail@vniikp.ru

Capacity calculation for a multiconductor cable with a composite insulation


The authors introduce a universal method for calculating cable parameters – partial and mutual capacitance of a multiconductor cable with a multilayer insulation made of various materials. The method may be used to calculate the sensitivity of cable parameters to the deviations of conductor size and dielectric conductivity of cable insulation layers. The range of application of this method may be extended to include the calculation of insulation conductivity, inductance and cable thermal resistance.

Key words

Generalized cable, composite insulation, calculation, operating capacitance, direct capacitance, asymmetry, matrix,sucessive approximation, accuracy,flexibility, application,inductance, shunt conductance, thermal resistance.

I.A. Ovchinnikova, Cand. Tech. Sc., JSC VNIIKP


The influence of external factors on the main features of strength members of optical cable construction

The paper presents the results of the investigation into the influence of external factors, such as humidity and temperature exposures, on the basic parameters of aramid yarn and glass-reinforced plastic elements from the point of view of their ability to perform protection functions. The results of optical fiber and cable tests for resistance to aggressive media exposure are also given. The results obtained may be used for optical cable reliability analysis.

Key words

Fiber-optic cable, optical fiber, external exposure, strength members, elongation, reliability, investigations, test, aramide yarn, basic characteristics, aggressive medium.

S.D. Kholodny, Dr Tech. Sc., Prof., Chief Research Worker
D.A. Kharchenko, Engineer 


Calculation of cable tension force in the vulcanization chamber of a catenary continuous vulcanization line


Procedure for the calculation of cable tension force in the vulcanization chamber of a catenary continuous vulcanization line is introduced. This method allows estimating the possibility of contact between the cable surface and the vulcanization chamber wall in case of tension force deviation from the optimal value. The calculation of optimal tension force value for КГ 1×150 type cable is presented as an example.

 Key words

Vulcanization chamber, CCV-line, mass, sag, tension force, catenary line.

V.V. Bannov, Technical Director, ZAO “Samara cable company”
V.B. Popov, Cand. Tech. Sc., Associate Professor, GOU VPO “PGUTI” 

Electric strength of a symmetrical cable with a skin-foam-skin insulation for a digital subscriber access


The paper presents the results of experimental investigations into the electric strength of a symmetrical cable with a skin-foam-skin insulation for a digital subscriber access. Statistical methods are used to calculate the insulation strength on manufactured cable lengths. It is shown that by automatic regulation of linear capacitance, diameter and eccentricity in the course of insulation extrusion a sufficiently high dielectric strength value can be achieved.

Key words

Dielectric strength, skin-foam-skin insulation, symmetrical cable, subscriber access, broadband access, copper, financial crisis, insulated conductor, spark test, breakdown voltage, Pirson criterium.

Yu.N. Loginov, Dr Tech. Sc.,Prof., Ural State Technical University;
A.E. Zuev, Chief Technologist, ZAO SP “Katur-Invest”;
T.P. Kopylova, Technologist, ZAO SP “Katur-Invest”

Contact: info@katur.org

Dependence of the drawing equipment performance parameters on the variation in copper rod diameter.

Key words

Drawing equipment, copper rod, wire production, rod diameter, drawing ratio, deformation resistance, admissible deformation level, MSM 85
S.S. Vetlugaev, research engineer, JSC VNIIKP ;
Contact: seregin3000@mail.ru

Selection of permissible electric stress and calculation of electrical parameters for a cable joint
testing by dc high voltage


The procedure of electrical parameters calculation for high voltage cable joints is described on the example of a straight-through joint. Admissible electric stress values for the joint insulation are selected. A 110-kV joint construction is presented.

Key words

Cable accessories, voltage of 110 kV, electric field control, transition joint, admissible electric field values, Weibull distribution, VNIIKP, PE-insulated cable.



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