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   Landmarks in the cable industry history 

Dr. I.B. Peshkov, Prof., President of the “Electrocable” Association; 
E.I. Uvarov, Deputy General Director of the“Electrocable” Association. 
Contact: elektrokabel@rosmail.ru 

The cable industry of Russia and other CIS countries. Milestones and new goals


The paper covers the history and development of cable industry start from the first plant in St. Petersburg.

Key words

The day of cable industry workers in CIS countries, Siemens and Galske, Podobedov, Ruskabel, the Baskakov plant, Elektroprovod, Moskabelmet, Sevkabel, Cable plant united,  the history of Russian cable industry, cable production, First World War, Secon World War, civil war, post-war years, building of VNIIKP, fire resistance cable, superconducting high voltage cable, standardization.

  Science and technology 

S.D. Kholodny, Dr Tech. Sc., Prof., Chief Research Worker
D.A. Kharchenko, Engineer 
Contact: mail@vniikp.ru 

Calculation of thermal conditions for continuous vulcanization lines

Cross-linkable polymer compound or rubber compound insulation is applied on continuous vulcanization lines. Preliminary theoretical calculation of optimal vulcanization and cable cooling conditions is considered to be of fundamental importance for proper operation of vulcanization lines.
The paper deals with numerical calculation methods with the use of computer technology for the determination of proper continuous vulcanization conditions. A specific calculation program for cables of various designs is suggested .

Key words

Cross-linked polymer, rubber composition, response rate of cross-linking, speed motion of cable, degree of cross-linked, core temperature, heating time, vulcanization condition, colculation numerical method.

Yu.V. Startseva, Head of inner control service, OAO Rybinskcable plant
Contact: kp@vniikp.ru

The role of inner control service during the fulfillment of anticrisis program at a cable plant


The author describes the actions and measures performed by plant inner control service within the framework of the anticrisis program aimed at the production optimization.

 Key words

Internal control service,  production optimization, trustworthiness estimate accounting and reporting, work efficiency rating, analysis of organizational structure, business strategy, crisis management program, incremental spending,  calculating matrix, ABC - analysis, XYZ - analysis.

V.V. Bannov, Technical Director, ZAO “Samara cable company”
Contact: mail@vniikp.ru

Mathematical model of electromagnetic interference on the near end between circuits of broadband access symmetrical cable with film-foam-film insulation


The paper are theoretical studied mathematical model of electromagnetic interference on the near end between circuits of broadband access symmetrical cable with film-foam-film insulation 

Key words

Subscriber Access Network, xDSL technology,symmetrical cable, twisted-pair cable, noise immunity circuit,   electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic connection, line lenght, lenght of twist


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