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   Analysis and Forecast  

Dr. I.B. Peshkov И.Б., Prof., President of the “Electrocable” Association;
E.I. Uvarov, Deputy General Director of the“Electrocable” Association 

Contact: elektrokabel@rosmail.ru  

The cable industry under economic and financial crisis conditions


The authors analyze the effect of the financial crisis on the decline of investment activity, demand and industrial production, specifically the recession influence on the cable and wire production in Russia and other CIS countries. In the second quarter of 2009 some growth of cable production output is noted according to the reports of the cable plants.

Key words

Cable industry in Russia and CIS countries, economic crisis, finance crisis, amount of products, cable production, cable, “Electrocable” Association, wires and cables for machine components, cord, communication cable.

 Science and Technology

M.V. Sholudenko, Head of Laboratory “Electrical cables, wires, cords and accessories and communication lines”, JSC VNIIKP
Contact: casi4@yandex.ru   

Longitudinal moisture resistance of quadded cables with water blocking elements

The problems of water penetration into the core of quadded cables and the ways of longitudinal protection using water blocking elements are discussed. A method for theoretical calculation of the length of water penetration section is suggested.

Key words

Longitudinal moisture resistance, quad twisting, water blocking element, calculation method, length of water penetration section. 

Fire resistant cables according to British and German standards. Design and tests.
(This article on basis of  "Intercable" Association lecture by Tele-Fonika Kable representative )


A comprehensive commentary to the fire test methods specified for electrical cables in current British and German standards is given in the paper. The compliance of various design cables produced by Tele-Fonika Kable with the requirements of the standards is demonstrated.

 Key words

Fire-resistant cable, construction, test, German standard, British standard, test procedure, HFFR cable type , BS 5839-1, BS EN 50200, BS 7629-1, BS 8434 -1, FLAME-X cable, DIN 4102, fire resistance.

Alain Giraud, Director of Sales at Nextrom Oy, and Member of the board in Silitec Fibers

Optical fiber fabrication technologies. Review of recent developments


In this paper the key fabrication technologies for Telecom and Specialty Optical Fiber are described. A number of novel processes which allow improvement of the process performance, reduction of the fabrication cost and increase of the flexibility are introduced. Such recent innovations include a novel VAD process, a high productivity OVD cladding process, a novel Sand cladding technology (SCT) for telecom, PCF and multi-core fibers, and finally a disruptive doped sand fiber core technology.

Key words

Optical fibre, fabrication technologies, preform, sand cladding technology, fiber drawing, test, VAD, PCVD, MCVD, FCVD, OVD Clad, APVD, RIC/RIT, SAND. 


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