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   Science and technology 

Dr Yu.T. Larin, Director of scientific investigation field, Manager of Department «Cables, wires and accessories for telecommunication and information industry systems»; JSC VNIIKP
Contact: urylarin@mail.ru 

Comparative analysis of two approaches to the estimation of optical cable reliability. Is the reliability of optical cables defined by the probability of failure-free operation or by the minimal service life?


The reliability of transmission lines and particularly of fiber optic cables is discussed. The "Climate-7" operating standards and traditional methods used for reliability tests of fiber optic communication cables are compared.

Key words

Reliability test, optical cable, trouble-free probability of work, Climate-7, ОСТ 16 0.800.305-84, optical fiber, communication cables, minimum operating time, minimum working life, ɣ-percent resource.

M.V. Sholudenko, Head of Laboratory «Electrical cables, wires, cords and accessories and communication lines»; JSC VNIIKP
Contact: casi4@yandex.ru 

Longitudinal moisture resistance of pair-twisted cables with water-blocking material elements

The paper deals with the problems of longitudinal moisture resistance of pair-twisted communication cables incorporating water-blocking cords and threads.
The conditions under which water penetrating through the cable cross-section propagates along the cable length are analyzed. The author suggest a theoretical method for the calculation of the section lengths of water penetration into the cable interstices. The results of theoretical and experimental calculations are given.

Key words

Moisture-proof,  pair-twisted,  water-blocking material, leaktightness, hydrophobic filling,  communication cable, block and signal cable, water penetration.     

Wieslaw Mokanski, Chief Technologist, Bydgoszcz cable plant, TELE-FONIKA KABLE S.A.
Contact: wmokanski@bfk.com.pl 

High voltage power cable with optical fibre module


TELE-FONIKA KABLE S.A. developed and manufactured a high voltage power cable incorporating a fiber optic module which is used as a distributed temperature monitoring sensor. The fiber optic module enables constant temperature monitoring along the entire cable length, calculation of the cable  

 Key words

High voltage power, fiber optic module, distributed temperature monitoring sensor, optical time domain reflectometr, network capacity, cable line, electrical tests, mechanical tests.   

Werner Lichtscheidl, Medek & Schörner, Vienna, Austria
Contact: W.Lichtscheidl@medek.at   

Optical Fibre Coating Systems


This article describes the coating processes used for the further processing of optical fibres. Cable manufacturers will naturally be familiar with most of this material. However, the author wishes to give a brief description of the various coating processes from the viewpoint of the machinery manufacturer without going into detail on the various different types of optical fibers or their specifications. Ring marking of optical fibers is described.

Key words

Optical fiber, coating processes, dye, fiber optic module, cure, cured coating, UF curig, gluing together, acrylic, buffer coating, marking, UF projector, ring marking.     

L.G. Rysin, Cand. Tech. Sc., General Director;
M.V. Tarasov, Technical Director;
O.A. Godunova, Deputy General Director.
OJSC "Elix-Cable"
Contact: info@elixcable.ru
Peculiarities of buffered optical cable designing and manufacturing


Fiber optic cables with a tight fiber buffering are designed for a wide range of applications. However special equipment and constant control of the manufacturing technology is required for their production. Elic-Cable has wide experience of this type cable production. The paper describes the designs, technical characteristics and fields of application of these cables, as well as peculiarities of their production.

Key words

Buffer coating, optical cable, indoor cable installation, communication cable, optical fiber, incombustibility, reinforcing member, tension control.

Markus Mencke, Dipl. Ing., Parafluid (Hamburg, Germany), Bogdany Petrol (Nyirbogdany, Hungary).
Contact: mencke@parafluid.eu
Filling Compounds for fibre optic cables


Filling compounds are used for inter-module and intra-module filling of optical cables. Thixotronic or pseudoplastic jellies used as intra-module fillers are intended to protect optical fibers from water penetration and at the same time they are required to allow fiber movement during cable handling. Physical jellies with viscosity changing under external exposures meet these requirements. The properties of these jellies and methods for their control are discribed. For inter-module filling mainly mineral oil (petrolatum) is used.

Key words

Hydrophobic filling, optical cables,  thixotronic jellies, pseudoplastic jellies, inter-module filling, intra-module filling, petrolatum, protection,moisturizer, yield point, two-component jellies.       

A.P. Svendrovsky, Cand. Tech. Sc., Director;
V.V. Redko, Cand. Tech. Sc., Manager of High-Voltage Equipment Department.
Contact: ermis@mail.tomsknet.ru

Proposals for amendments to the requirements of gost 2990-78 "Cables, Wires and Cords. Voltage test methods"


Spark test is a basic method of instrumental quality control in the process of cable manufacturing. The state standard GOST 2990-78 stipulating the spark tests contains a number of inaccuracies and fails to meet the present-day requirements for the cable and wire production. The authors suggest some amendments to the standard.

Key words

Standard, test method, cable, wire, high voltage, cord, dielectric breakdown test, quality control, defect, accuracy, defectoscopy, constant voltage, variabl voltage, length of electrode unit, amplitude value, active value.  


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