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   Analysis and Forecast   

V.K. Andrianov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Head of Department;
E.B. Vasiliev, Cand. Sc. (Economics), member of the RF Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences, Deputy General Director; 

Contact: vniikp17@mail.ru

State of production and scientific and technical aspects of winding wire development in Russia


An attempt is made to analyze the state of winding wire production in Russia. The winding wire performance level in Russia is of international standard. The causes of production decline are discussed. The trends of winding wire development over the recent years are analyzed.

Key words

Enameled wire, winding wire, global trends, performance level, aluminium, copper, skin insulation, enameling speed, dry varnish base.

M.K. Kamensky, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Deputy Director of Division; T.A. Nedaikhlib, Senior Engineer of Division № 1;
E.B. Vasiliev, Cand. Sc. (Economics), member of the RF Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences, Deputy General Director; 

Contact: kamenskiy@vniikp.ru

State of production and primary areas of improvement of self-supporting insulated conductors


Development of production and application of self-supporting insulated conductors (SIC) for overhead transmission lines in Russia is described. Changes in SIC production in Russia and other CIS countries are shown. Ways to improve SIC and develop new types of cable and wire for overhead transmission lines are shown based on the analysis of the European harmonized norms and the requirements of Russian electric utilities.

Key words

Overhead power transmission line, self-supporting insulated conductor, changes in production, design, insulation, mechanical characteristics, thermomechanical effect, flame retardancy, harmonized norms, self-supporting cable.

 Science and Technology

Yu. A. Antonets, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Technical Director; 
V.V. Zolotarev, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Director for External Economic Links; 
V.M. Zolotarev, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Associate Professor, General Director; 
V.P. Karpushenko, Cand. Sc. (Economics), Associate Professor, Adviser to General Director; 
A.A. Naumenko, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Associate Professor, Leading Specialist; 

Contact: zavod@yuzhcable.com.ua

Mathematical model of electrical processes in XLPE cables

Electrical processes in shielded high-voltage cables are described. A mathematical model for the determination of electric stress in multilayer cross-linked polyethylene insulation structures is offered. 

Key words

High-voltage cable, semiconducting screen, insulation, cross-linked polyethylene, electric stress, polarization current. 

I.B. Peshkov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Professor, Chairman of the Rosstandard Industrial Council for Technical Regulation and Conformity Assessment in Electrical Industry 
Contact: vniikp@vniikp.ru

Enhancement of the standardization role in establishing mandatory RF legal requirements and in technology development in machine-building industry


In article level of Russian standardization is described

Key words

Standardization, Russia, requirements

Product Quality Control

G.K. Khromova, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Head of Test Centre of JSC VNIIKP

Test Centre of JSC VNIIKP


The Test Centre of JSC VNIIKP consists of 8 laboratories specializing in tests and investigations of various types of cable products and materials used in cable production. The key advantage of the Test Centre is the fact that highly-skilled professionals take part in its work, and an integrated approach to test organization and management is employed..

Key words

Test center, cable, VNIIKP, cable production

D.A. Guk, Director of High-Voltage Test Centre; 
M.K. Kamensky, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Deputy Director of Division; 
L.E. Makarov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Head of Laboratory; 
Yu.V. Obraztsov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Deputy Director of Division; 
V.L. Ovsienko, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Head of Laboratory; 
M.Yu. Shuvalov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Director of Energy Cable and Wire Division; 


New High-Voltage Test Centre of JSC VNIIKP. Testing and investigation of power cable, accessories and materials for their production.


The new High-Voltage Test Centre (HVTC) of JSC VNIIKP located on the Podolsk site of the institute was put into operation in 2014. The HVTC is equipped with state-of-the art instrumentation and test facilities. The following tests are carried out: 
- IEC 60840 and 62067 compliance tests of high-voltage cable and accessories (type and pre-qualification tests) for products rated at voltages up to and including 500 kV; 
- tests of cable and accessories for voltages up to and including 35 kV for compliance with the requirements of IEC 60502 and HD 605, HD 620 CENELEC, GOST R 55025, etc.; 
- tests of high- and medium-voltage cable and accessories according to the special procedures developed by the VNIIKP, for example, measurement of cable dielectric strength followed by estimation of insulation system defectiveness.

Key words

High-voltage test centre, high-voltage test setup, type test, pre-qualification test, investigation test, extra-high-voltage cable, high-voltage cable, medium-voltage cable, cable accessories.


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