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    Analysis and Forecast  

E.I. Uvarov, Advisor to General Director – Analyst of the Electrocable Association

Cable industry of Russia and other CIS countries in 2013


Operating results of the Electrocable Association companies in 2013 are given. It is noted that the total volume of cable and wire production was actually the same as in 2012. Decreased production volumes were recorded in energy cable and wire, communication cable and wire groups, including fiber optic cable and transport cable and wire. At the same time a slight growth was observed in the production output of OEM cable products and in some other production sectors.

Key words

Electrocable Association; dynamics of production output; energy cable and wire; OEM cable and wire; transport cable and wire; communication cable and wire; fiber optic cable; copper and aluminum processing volume.

  Science and Technology

D.V. Novikov, Cand Sc. (Engineering), Head of Division; D.A. Kharchenko, Head of Laboratory; JSC VNIIKP

Cables for power supply of electrical centrifugal oil extraction pumps

The paper describes the basic cable designs used to supply power to electric motors of submersible electrical centrifugal pumps. Consideration is given to some specific technical matters taking place in the course of cable production and operation. The main problems which have to be solved in this field are defined.

Key words

Operation, production, electrical motors cable.

V.A. Grigoriev, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Head of Department of ZAO MNITI; 
Yu.T. Larin, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), General Director of OOO VNIIKP-OPTIC; 
A.G. Letyago, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Adviser to General Director of ZAO MNITI, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Laureate of State Prize of the RF; 
A.N. Mart’yanov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Professor of Peter the Great Military Academy; 
V.I. Pryadko, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), First Deputy General Director of ZAO “Evrika”, Laureate of State Prize of the RF; 
A.A. Rakhmanov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Professor, Deputy Chief Designer of OOO RTI 

Some issues of using the theory of optical transmission lines in physical quantity measurement


The theory of optical transmission lines is extended to cover the field of physical quantity converters and is used to obtain the conversion function of fiber optic pressure sensors with transmitting-receiving channel based on quartz- quartz type fiber-optic waveguides. 

Key words

Optical transmission line, fiber optic pressure sensor, fiber optic

V.S. Vysotsky, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Head of Division; V.V. Zubko, Cand. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Leading Researcher; 
D.V. Sotnikov, Post-Graduate, Junior Research Assistant; 
I.P. Radchenko, Research Assistant; S.S. Fetisov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Deputy Head of Division, Head of Laboratory; 

Influence of transport current direction and external magnetic field polarity on the critical current value of 2G high temperature superconducting tapes


The paper describes the specific behavior of the critical current of HTSC tapes depending on the transport current and external magnetic field polarities. It is shown that due to the nonuniform distribution of current densities in 2G HTSC tapes the critical current will be different depending on the direction of Lorentz force. The authors come to a conclusion that in order to maximize the effective use of 2G HTSC tapes in installations it is necessary first to determine in what direction to pass the transport current along the tape, since the right choice of the direction will enable the manufacturers to make a product with the critical current value up to 10 % and higher.

Key words

HTSC tape, external magnetic field polarity, critical current

E.I. Mironov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Leading Researcher of JSC VNIIKP

The use of extreme value statistics in the investigation of breakdown strength of high voltage power cables

Through the example of XLPE high voltage power cable the authors analyze some possible and presently applied variants of calculating the parameters of Weibull distribution used in the assessment of quality, reliability and service life of cables.

Key words

Extremum value, statistic, XLPE, reliability, quality, cable


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