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    Analysis and Forecast  

Rob Daniels, Principal Consultant, CRU (Great Britain)
Global cable production state and trends of development. Energy cable market outlook. (Adapted from the report made at the 62nd General Meeting of the Electrocable Association)


Analysis of the global cable industry and its development over the last decade is given with an outlook for 2013. Special consideration is given to the power cable production with a closer look at the market for HV and EHV power cables. The data for the article are from CRU’s quarterly Wire and Cable Market Outlook reports on the power cable, underwater power cable and HV and EHV power cable market. The information in the article refers only to insulated wire and cable; bare conductors, including those for overhead lines, are not included.

Key words

Cable industry, 2013, power cable, HV, EHV, CRU

  Science and Technology

I.A. Zamyatin, Research-and-Production Team Manager, ООО VNIIKP-OPTIC; 
Yu.T. Larin, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Director of Telecommunication and Data Cable and Wire Division, JSC VNIIKP; 
D.S. Kholodny, Cand. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), NIU MEI

On some issues of optical cable used in residential buildings

The paper describes the use of optical cables laid in vertical cable ducts as a means of reducing fire hazard in residential buildings. A computational model of optical cable burning is presented to summarize the conclusions about the designs of cable ducts used for these cable types; well-grounded recommendations are given concerning the reduction of the number and size of optical cables in the ducts. The paper also gives examples of optical fibers in composite electro-optical cables used as temperature sensors both for temperature control in any point of a cable bundle and for monitoring the fire situation as a whole.

Key words

Optic cable, fire hazard, computation model, cable burning

Yu.T. Larin, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Director of Telecommunication and Data Cable and Wire Division, JSC VNIIKP; 
A.V. Nikulin, Industrial Engineer of Research and Technology Department, ОАО NIKI Tomsk; 
A.D. Polimonov, Head of Communication Cable Bureau, ОАО Electrocable Kolchugin Plant 

Unified program of optical cable design calculation


A unified program was developed to calculate optical cable designs and manufacturing conditions, as well as their cost based on necessary input parameters for various cable designs. Different calculation methods for optical cable designs and manufacturing conditions were combined together resulting in an easy procedure for the calculation of various input parameter influences on the optical cable characteristics. The development of new designs and improvement of existing optical cables carried out by manufacturing engineers and designers can be also facilitated with this program.

  Key words

Program of cable design, optic cable, calculation method

V.A. Malai, Cand. of Military Sc., General Director; 
Yu.V. Smirnov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Deputy General Director; ООО NPP STARLINK

Logging cables made by ООО NPP STARLINK


The paper presents technological decisions for the electro-optical logging cables with the use of new optical cable-sensor construction. It is shown that the characteristics of multimode fibers in the cable-sensor enable the investigation of the temperature distribution along the cable length with the use of Raman scattering analyzers.

Key words

Logging cable, cable-sensor, multimod fiber, Raman scattering analyzers, temperature measurement

V.S. Vysotsky, Prof., PhD, Dr. Sci. (habil.), Head of Superconducting Cable and Wire Division; 
S.Yu. Zanegin, Engineer; V.V. Zubko, Cand. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Leading Researcher; 
A.A. Nosov, Senior Engineer; 
G.G. Svalov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Deputy General Director for scientific work; S.S. Fetisov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Deputy Department Manager, Head of Laboratory; 
S.R. Li, Director of SuperOx – Japan; S.V. Samoilenkov, Cand. Sc. (Chemistry), General Director, ZAO SuperOx

The first models of superconducting cable conductors made of Russian 2G HTSC tapes and their test results


The problems of design and technology of power cables based on high temperature superconductors (HTS) are considered. The models of power cable cores developed and produced in JSC VNIIKP and based on second generation HTSC tapes manufactured by Russian company SuperOx are analyzed. The results of AC and DC tests of HTSC cable cores are presented as well. A comparative analysis of measured and calculated AC losses in superconducting cable core specimens is given.

Key words

Superconducting cable conductors, VNIIKP, HTSC tape, power cable


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