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Rules for submital and publication. Russian version


Articles are accepted for publishing if they are related to the scope of the journal. Articles already published or accepted for publishing in other journals are not accepted.

Scientific and technical articles, including those submitted by postgraduate students, are accepted for publishing without charge. Any scientific and technical article may be published if there is a positive review.

Articles which do not meet these Rules for Submittal and Publication of Scientific Articles, articles whose authors refuse to revise them, and articles whose authors do not accept the reviewers constructive remarks or fail to give well-reasoned arguments against them are not accepted.

Each article must be accompanied with: an abstract of no more than half a page, key words and information about the author (name of the organization, position, scientific degree, mail address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address)

The following structure of the article is optimal: a short introduction with precise wording and clearly defined description of the issue discussed, factual description, precise conclusions based on the facts described, list of references

Proofs of the formulas, as a rule, are not presented in the text. Mathematical tools should be used only to the extent they are required for the presentation of the facts in the article

All the texts must be printed using WORD text editor and saved in DOC or RTF formats. A soft copy is to be sent for publication by e-mail or submitted on CD, flash-drive, floppy-disk. As an exception, a hard copy (printout) of the article in 2 copies may be transmitted.

Picture captions should be placed immediately after the link to the picture after the end of the paragraph. They must be separated from the main text by one interval above and below. The same applies to the names of the tables

Dash and hyphen signs, as well as spaces, in the text should be used correctly

All references must be listed at the end of the article. The references must be numbered and listed in accordance with GOST P 7.0.100-2018 Bibliographic References. For periodicals the second names and the initials of the authors, the name of the article, the name of the journal, the year, the issue number and the pages must be stated. For books the second names and the initials of all the authors, the name of the book, the name of the publisher, the place and the year of publishing, the number of pages must be stated. It is not allowed to list one or several authors adding and others. Foreign language sources must be referenced in the original language.
In the text of the document the references must be in square brackets (such as [4]) and must be numbered consequently from the beginning of the text. Unpublished materials, materials for official use only and rare editions must not be included in the references.

Numeric data must be presented in tables. The tables should not be too large. Each table must have a number and a name. The tables must be numbered consequently from the beginning of the text. The words in the tables (except for units of measurement) must not be shortened. The values in the tables and in the text must be in units of the International System of Units (SI)

Illustrative materials (pictures, drawings, graphs, diagrams) must be created using graphic electronic editors. All the pictures must be numbered consequently from the beginning of the text. Picture captions must be submitted as an additional list. The pictures must be mentioned in the text. Only such position numbers which are referenced should be shown in the pictures. The list of picture captions must be on a separate page
Pictures must be submitted in separate files in TIFF or JPG formats with the resolution which is adequate for quality printing (that is no less than 100 pixels per centimeter)


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